Friday, June 24, 2011

Importance of Sign of the Cross

It is the token, the memorial of the pains and humiliations which our dear Lord bore for us; and each time we make the Sign of the Cross, thereby we are reminded and show that we too, are willing to take up His Cross, accept it willingly, clasp it to our heart, and unite all we do to His saving Passion.

With this intention, let the Sign of the Cross be your first waking act; dedication your day to Him as a soldier of the Cross, let your last conscious act before sleep be that precious sign, which will banish evil spirits form your bedside and rest upon you as a safeguard till the day returns.

Begin your prayers, your work, with the Sign of the Cross, in token that they are dedicated Him.  Let it sanctify your going out and your coming in.  Let it hallow your conversation and discussion with others, whether social or in the order of business.

Who could be grasping, over reaching, false; who could give way to unkind words, judgments, uncharitable gossip, unholy talk, who had but just stamped the Cross of Christ upon their lips in token that they are pledged to use the gift of speech, like all else, in the service of their God?

Let it consecrate your food, so that eating and drinking instead of the mere indulgence of earthly cravings may be to the glory of God. Let the Sign of the Cross soothe and stay with you in periods of sorrow, when, above all, you are brought near Him who lays it upon you, but who also, bore it for you.  Let it sober and steady your hour of joy or pleasure.

Let it calm your impulse of impatience, of petulance, of intolerance of others, of eager self-assertion, or self-defense.  Let it check the angry expression
Ready to break forth, the unkind word, the unloving sarcasm.
Let it purify the light, or careless, or irreverent utterance and the conventional falsehood, the boastful word of self-seeking.  And be sure that if the Sign of the Cross is thus your companion and safeguard through the day, if in all places and seasons you accustom yourself to  “softly make the sign to “angels know,” it will be as a tower of strength to you and the power of evil over you will become feebler and feebler.

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