Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Prayer for a Garment of Grace During Adversity

Prayer for A Garment of Grace During Adversity

Merciful master of life, to Your I lift up my heart, to You I raise my eyes in childlike confidence, for from You come consolation and salvation.

Oh, giver of every good gift, Lord of patience and peace, protect me from those who have bargained with the creatures of the night. Protect me from their plots and plans.  As you weave and use the net of truth in which to catch their lies and cruel intentions, simultaneously weave for me, a garment of light.

I ask that this garment when I wear it, will return my once pure heart to me. 

I am ready to shed the clothing that has been torn by those who have refused to love the YOU, that they have seen within me. 

I am ready now also, to wear once again, the beautiful jewel of  my innocence, which shined so brightly during my childhood and youth.

With love, your child. Amen.

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