Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Story of St. Francis of Assisi and St. Peter

St. Francis, who It is said in certain circles is the protector and patron  "saint of animals."  He was so humble and good that upon death he only hoped for a tiny corner of heaven where he could glimpse the Creator and just adore Him without seeking anything but the joy of being in His presence...upon entry to heaven....St. Peter said, "Francis, we have a place for you that has been vacant." St. Francis, hearing that he was accepted into the heavenly court was beyond belief and replied, "Peter, just a little corner where I can glimpse God will be all I will ever need." St. Peter flew St. Francis up, up, up to the highest choir of angels and pointed to an empty chair and wished St. Francis to sit. Suddenly, God spoke to Francis..."Francis, this seat was once the seat of my beautiful son, Lucifer. He was never happy and always wanted more beauty, authority, and power. When he left I sought another who only wanted to give love to my creatures great and small without thought of self. This seat is now yours, Francis. It was lost through arrogance, and it has now been earned...through your humility." Suddenly, all the angels in heaven began to sing  a sweet tune...with birds, bears, dolphins, and insects joining in as the chorus as this happy tune meant that there true friend,  Francis had come home to them at last.

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