Friday, June 3, 2011

Prayer for the Sick and Dying

Prayers for the Sick and Dying

Lord, I accept this sickness. I entirely resign rather myself to thy Blessed Will after using all the gifts from the knowledge and work of your children to try cure and it, this cup of illness that I wish could have passed from me. Thus, when I ask for your Will to be done, whether it be life or death, Not my will, but Thine will be done as it is on earth and will be in heaven. Amen.

Remember also, most merciful and loving Father, all who are sick and dying, and grant that in the solitude of suffering each may truly "come to find himself," and like the Prodical Son may at last discover Thy love and upon that discovery return to a Father's loving heart where that most bountiful Heart will give them joy and youth, hope and desire; and from it all good and pleasant things, all enduring comfort and true delight, descend in copious benediction. Feed them before thy die with the Eucharist that will nourish them for their Eternal  Beatitude. Amen.

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