Saturday, June 18, 2011

Prayer to The Timekeeper

Source of all mercy! I acknowledge your sovereign power.
During recalling the wasted years that I have lived during my earthly existence,  I believe that you, Lord can and will in an instant, turn what I have lost, into gain. For you are...the ULTIMATE timekeeper.

I firmly believe that...
you  can do all things. Please restore to me the time I have given away, or has been taken away from me. Let my future moments be full of amazement, that light not just my path, but the path of those who come with me, by the brilliance of your grace.

I ask that when that I am to appear before you in the not so short days ahead, that I will have become a wise soul, who has learned from you, and through my own experiences, to be a good human creature. And by the way, expect me to ask you, oh loving God,  to continue to permit me to learn lessons during eternity, especially when we fly together sharing thoughts and love. Those beautiful heavenly moments will be never need to be counted, for they have been designed by you, oh, precious Timekeeper.

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