Monday, June 20, 2011

Prayer by Saint Francis Xavier

That My Soul Sings With...

My God, I love thee: not because
I hope for heaven thereby,

Nor because they who love thee not
Must burn eternally.

Thou, O my Jesu, Thou didst me
Upon the Cross embrace;

For me didst bear the nails and spear,
And manifold disgrace.

And grief and torments numberless,
And sweat of agony;

Yea, death itself; and all for me
Who was thine enemy.

Then why, O Blessed Jesu Christ,
Should I not love thee well???

Not for the hope of winning heaven,
Nor of escaping hell;

Not with the hope of gaining aught,
Not seeking a reward;

But as thyself hast loved me,
O ever-loving Lord!

E’en so I love thee and will love,
And in thy praise will sing,

Solely because thou art my God,
And my eternal King.

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